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Sketching a Planetary Public Policy Approach

As I am wrapping up my time at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, it is time to write down some of the lessons I learned here at Erfurt University, where Martin Luther developed some of the frameworks for … Continue reading

28. July 2010 by Philipp
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The Internet of Things and the Emergence of Planetary Public Policy

It is always good to re-read Kevin Kelly’s Rules for the New Economy (article came out in 1997, the book in 1999). My Tec de Monterrey students will remember that we read it in 2003 as “contemporary political theory.” The … Continue reading

17. March 2010 by Philipp
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Apps for the World

If you are graduating in these times of crisis, think of the amazing opportunities that the combination of web technologies, collaborative production, and the idea of open access offer. Consider starting something like mySociety for your country. Hello! We are … Continue reading

09. June 2009 by Philipp
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Planetary Public Policy

We have students from more than 40 countries at the Erfurt School of Public Policy. Sometimes, when asked what is it that differentiates us from other public policy schools, I  refer to our planetary perspective.  But what does that mean? … Continue reading

25. May 2009 by Philipp
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