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The Story of Anti-Leadership: Fostering Collaboration in Turbulent Times

Co-authored by Sofia Elizondo and Philipp Mueller This year in our leadership course students came up with new questions that we had not heard before: why do you teach us leadership, if value is created through the collaborative efforts of … Continue reading

17. March 2010 by Philipp
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When in doubt, move to the meta level

Martin Reeves and his team at the Boston Consulting Group Strategy Institute have been working hard to regain BCG’s position as the world’s foremost strategic thinkers. A tough nut to crack in a time of uncertainty (world economic crisis) and … Continue reading

16. February 2010 by Philipp
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Strategizing Radical Transparency

Sometimes very simple ideas are counter-intuitive. Radical transparency clearly is one of them. Let me define the concept, ask why one would want (not) to go “radically transparent,” and how to implement the strategy. What is radical transparency? Radical transparency … Continue reading

21. July 2009 by Philipp
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