My Talk at the ISPRAT CIO Conference in Vienna

I am just coming back from a wonderful day of debate with Germany’s and Austria’s top policy makers in the information technology field. The conference headlined by the new German CIO was titled Information and Communication Technologies as Strategic Instruments for Government. I had been asked to give the final talk after a wonderful tour of the Austrian national library that confronted us with the knowledge politics of the printing age.

I took up that thread and connected it to the idea of statecraft, a concept you can only talk about with a straight face, when speaking in the halls where Metternich, von Stein, Kelsen, and co. voiced their ideas and created the modern state. In this situation, we were able to start an important conversation on how the idea of collaboration in open value chains and social media technologies are transforming public value production.

It was amazing to learn from the top German government officials concerning the topic. There is clearly a very sophisticated, but distributed community out there in government that is starting to make change happen. Expect great changes in the next year.

Anyway, if you want to read the talk, I posted it here. I would love to get your feedback on the text and continue the conversation.
(in German)

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12. May 2010 by Philipp
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    Dear Dr.Philipp,

    It is great hearing that you enjoyed your official visit from Austria yesterday. In fact, it means we will discuss more in regarding the importance of the new technology medium in the context of good governance practices.

    I tried to understand the German written talk but I could not absorb very much of it (my German is as strong as your Pashto- Afghanistan's official language.) Anyway, it is great that you are back safe, and having as always fresh new ideas and lessons from the ground to share with us in our interesting class of Governance2.0.

    With Profound Regards,



    Hallo Philipp!

    Die eigentlichen “Bewahrer des alten Verwaltungsbildes” sind meines Erachtens die “alten” Medien. Diese haben ein starkes Interesse einerseits die Verwaltung und ihre Reförmchen als “Dauerbrenner” bei Stammtisch-Runden zu erhalten und andererseits die neuen Medien in ein schlechtes Licht zu rücken.

    Diese “Risiko-Umwelt” sollte mit dem selben Elan “bearbeitet” werden, wie die Policy-Maker in der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Wie du in Kürze lesen “musst”, schlage ich vorerst kleinere Schritte vor und kombiniere selbige mit einer “Bürger-Service-Kampagne”. Ich hoffe damit ein klein bisschen “mitzushapen” und wünsch dir einen schönen Tag.