The Swine Flu and the University 2.0

Alberto Bustani, the rector of the campus Monterrey of Tec de Monterrey (full disclosure: he is a facebook friend of mine and I was/am Tec faculty) has just posted on his facebook profile a professionally produced video, where in front of the mural of the Tec rectoria he introduces one of my Tec colleagues from the medicine faculty, who discusses the pandemic and offers advice to the students. After less than 24 hours, it has been seen several hundred times, 126 have “liked” the video and 20 people have commented.

Also on his profile he announced that classes were suspended, however, that the exams would take place in early May. A lively discussion developed on what to do about the knowledge the content that the students were not able to learn, because of the missed classes.

Early last year, when he had hit the magic 5000 friends mark, he started a fan-page, and asked us to un-befriend him, but of course nobody did.

….Think about, what a powerful leadership tool social media has become in the last 24 months, imagine how much we need to learn about holding socially mediated leaders accountable, imagine what types of knowledge platforms we can can create, when we start to re-think the university, and imagine what we can do for life-long-learning. Let us take this seriously.

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29. April 2009 by Philipp
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