The Hyper-Reflective Web: Revisiting My last 20 Tweets

As we are realizing that network society is contingent on technology, but not on specific technologies (such as email, friendster, myspace, facebook, twitter), we are learning to work and play across and beyond specific social media. For me, the integration of my blog with twitter and facebook has led to a conversation that takes place in hyperspace online and offline in lectures, at conferences, and on trails in the Alps. So as an exercise in such intertextual hyper-reflexivity, let me mirror my last 20 tweets (often links to my blog) on my blog and then twitter about it:

  1. @zephoria is calling for epistemological open-mindedness when analyzing social networks: #networksociety2 minutes ago from TwitterFox

  2. @chr1sa Will professional journalists become extinct? The Spiegel interviews Chris Anderson with naive indignity: 21 hours ago from TwitterFox

  3. @arenda @rmmdc @tocat @kohenari thank u for ur tweets on socialtheory/socialmedia: need more constitutive theorizing!10:21 AM Jul 25th from web

  4. Do social media need political philosophy and social theory? #opengov #gov20 #radicaltransparency #socialmedia11:15 PM Jul 24th from TwitterFox

  5. @ U Beck’s #Future-of-Modernity Symposium: fine-grained analysis of contemporary society, completely ignoring the social media elephant.9:47 AM Jul 24th from TwitterFox

  6. discussing the IDC-Framework (ideation, deliberation, collaboration): #gov20 #social media #ogi #opengov #web2011:19 AM Jul 23rd from TwitterFox

  7. Radical Transparency as Management Strategy? #gov20 #opengov #enterprise20 #web20 #transparency #radical transparency4:04 PM Jul 21st from TwitterFox

  8. I will address the ESPP Graduates tonight ( What should I tell these future public policy entrepreneurs from over 20 countries?11:57 AM Jul 17th from TwitterFox

  9. CDC has a chilling year-by-year visualization of obesity trends from 1985 to 2008:…11:11 AM Jul 17th from TwitterFox

  10. A necessary reality check on the Government 2.0 Hype by A. Schellong:… #gov20 #opengov via @schellong11:25 AM Jul 14th from TwitterFox

  11. Carl Malamud and the struggle for open sourcing the code of law: #opengov #malamud #vivek kundra11:11 AM Jul 14th from TwitterFox

  12. When the world is changing, we need to re-learn how to read-write engaging manifestos: #generation m #manifesto8:49 PM Jul 13th from TwitterFox

  13. How to structure governmental online deliberation processes: #deliberation #collaboration #gov20 #opengov11:17 AM Jul 13th from TwitterFox

  14. Learning by Historical Analogy: Lessons from Information Revolution 1.0: #infosociety #web20 #gov2010:48 PM Jul 12th from TwitterFox

  15. Reflecting the Rise of the Ideation Platform (with Justus Lenz) #opengov #gov203:14 PM Jul 11th from TwitterFox

  16. Sofia Elizondo (BCG) on the End of Classical Strategy: #enterprise20 #strategy #BCG9:24 PM Jul 7th from TwitterFox

  17. Aristotle Reloaded: Beth Noveck challenging representative and deliberative democracy: #opengov #gov201:18 PM Jul 7th from TwitterFox

  18. Do RSS our family-stream at:… and write a guest blog for http://www.shapingnetworkso…8:44 PM Jul 6th from web

  19. Will teach gov20 strategy to 70 austrian mayors in 1 hour. Anything specific I should say? #socialmedia #gov203:29 PM Jun 26th from TwitterBerry

  20. Is engineering finally permeating governance? #gov20 #engineering #governance #techcrunch #auren hoffman12:12 PM Jun 24th from TwitterFox

Is there an added value in such an exercise? Or is this just part of the new recycling game we are playing?

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29. July 2009 by Philipp
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