New Statecraft and New Strategy

I am sitting in my apartment at Peapody Terrace, overlooking the Charles River wrapping up my time at Harvard. Teaching in the collaborative governance program with Jack Donahue, Akash Deep, Tony Gomez-Ibanez, Chris Letts, Edgar Aragon and Mary Hilderbrand was amazingly fun. Conversations with Gerald Knaus, Jorrit de Jong and Linda Kaboolian have been invigorating and I am ever more convinced that we need to carefully work out the logic of collaboration in high trust societies where transaction costs have collapsed because of new n-to-n communication technologies.

It is a historical moment analogous to the new logic shaping societies when we moved from transcendental to immanent explanations of collective action in the 15th century. And just as Machiavelli tried to uncover the systematic aspects of these logics, we need to focus on new statecraft and new strategy. Below is a  screenshot and link to an interview I did along these lines with an Austrian Monthly, you might enjoy it (if you read German).

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26. June 2010 by Philipp
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